Robot Choir

My family is working on a little project of Christmas music played on a synthesizer, so I put together a little image to go on the album cover. This is just a first-run render, so the shadow settings aren’t perfect yet. Also I just noticed that one of the ribbons intersects the handle on one of the mainframe doors, that also will be fixed soon. The sign is blank because that’s where the title is going to go. Any crits?


very very cool. I especially like the carpet :smiley:

good. but the contrast between the details in the floor compared to alot of other areas throws it of slightly.
Its like a Realistic floor to a cartoony scene. but its still good.

great use of oscilloscope.

Here’s an update. Do you think the sound boom breaks up the composition too much?


I’m not sure… but maybe its just me… but it looks like its going to far back and as if it is hanging over that robot going all the way behind him…

Yes, I think it does…is that inaccurate? I’m more worried about whether it has adverse effects on the composition, but accuracy is somewhat important (but with a preference given to artistic perfection).

Hey, awesome.
One crit, monitor is too small.
Keep it up

small crit
Hi , you can alter the books color from red to anything like white yellow …
because IMHO the red color takes the whole image :slight_smile:
Good Luck :slight_smile: