Robot Concept

Hello everybody I’m a new aspiring artist in the world of 3d modeling in general so I figured I’d introduce myself to the forums.

This is my first some what serious model and very first character concept and would love feed back from everyone! I have been piddling with blender for about a year and only recently been trying to really make my visions possible. I am heavily inspired by MasterXeon and his wonderful works of art hence my Username but if you feel its too similar then I’ll change it…

I mainly wanted to model this robot for my newborn son and make a poster for his room.

Well here he is.

Very good work for someone “blending” for just over a year.
Be careful not to scare your son with this metal guy… :smiley:

Keep it up!

Thank you sir!

You know that comment about scaring him actually made me look at this guy I said to myself “You know this might actually scare him.” He might get the idea when I get a boy robot standing with him or something and tell him he is a good robot. :slight_smile:

But thank you for the words of kindness.


only crit ,
you should always segment the torso into something flexible
looking, like 3 sections, or accordion style rubber or?

the belly looks too solid, it will get in the way of rigging,
that said ,

you have very nice details and structure,
just try and place those details on stuff that is not in the way of function,

with robotics, design first, art later.

I actually love the textures though,

ever bake to low poly?

ever armature rigged a bot yet?

found this on blend swap and rigged him last night.

Excellent work!