Robot dog

hello everybody , my project is to animate the dog in the picture which is constitued of different meshes , i have already parented all the limbs , but i have no idéa how to animate it because it have no armatures -> no pose mode .

The dog is constitued of meshes , i have parented all of this meshes.

How can i make it walk easily ?
do you have any proposition
this is my .blend file

I hope someone can help me.
thank you


Use armatures but have all of them set not to deform, that works well for robots.
Seperate the dog into all the seperate parts that will move independently and parent each object parented to the bones, not the armature.

ok i understand but look at my dog.blend to have a more precise idea , because i can already move each limbs and i have parented.The armatures will be useful for what?

To be sure that we undersand each other
this is my file:

you see that i can already move all the limbs , so what is the utility of the armature for my robot in my case. can i begin to animate it directly with IPO Curves ect…?

sorry for my bad english