Robot Dragon

I am making a Robot Dragon for the Robot Contest on CG Cookie and I wanted to get some feedback before submitting. The dragon is supposed to be in a research lab setting, flanked by 4 manufacturing machines while tanks of liquid can be seen in the background by the massive steal door. My aim is to create a realistic image while retaining its futuristic style.

This is an updated version of the image now including dangling wires, steel support that provide structure to the building and cast cool shadows on the rest of the scene and new compositing that includes glare and slight defocusing. I will probably submit this image as is seeing as though the contest due date is the 30th of September.

IMO its hard to see the dragon now because there is so much grey in the scene.

Yeah, add some more contrast into the scene and it will be so much better.

I agree that the image is too grey so I was trying to play around with fixing this in the compositor. This is what I have so far. I adjusted the background to have a brownish tint to coincide with the red elements in the photo and adjusted how bright the background was. I’m not sure if this fixed it, though.

I too echo the need for more contrast (though it should be done through changes in the lighting rather than simply pushing the contrast value up in post-pro).

Right now, it looks more or less evenly lit across the entire scene, so it looks somewhat flat as of now. The robo-Dragon is looking good though.

After adjusting the lighting, this is what I ended up with. I separated the background and the dragon, rendering both separately and rejoining them in the compositor. In addition to a little glare, I removed some of the noise using After Effects.