Robot Encounter

Hello, Blender community,

First time posters here – although we have for a long time longed to participate in one of the weekend challenges hosted here, toddler life have proven such a time-constrained entry difficult. Still, better late to the Blender Artists party than never :slight_smile:

Modelled in Blender 2.83, and textured in Substance Painter, we wanted to share our latest Blender project, finished last night – “Robot Encounter”. Although composited in post with a photograph, and textured externally as well, we hope that it still suits the forums. We would like to hear constructive criticism of any kind, so that we learn for future projects, which we hopefully will have time to post here as well.

As first-time posters here, we do not really know how this Topic format is going to work, so we’ll just include the final image as well as some process depictions, and those who want to read more about the project are welcome to do so here.


Sofia & Alexander


Fun render, like the face expression.

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