Robot - Extention of concept sketch

I’m starting to model the robot i posted in the traditional gallery a few days ago ( Thanks to amade for the assistance in the head rig, which I am in the process of figuring out at the moment.


dude… awesome drawings and your current blendings are look good! keep up the good work…

Nice drawings, and good luck with the head rig, I can’t wait to see this comleted :)!

Very nice! The only thing is that the eyes in the drawing seem to be spherical and bulge out of the sides of the head, the ones on the model are flat indentions. Great modeling, though!

Looking good so far! I’m only worried about the proximity of those hydraulic pistons, the way that they are so close together might cause them to clip over each other when the head twists a lot unless the head actually has limited movement. Otherwise you might want to make them tubes thinner or spaced further apart.

Dude! That’s a sweet robot design! I can’t wait to see where this goes.

Makes me think of Marvin in HHGG movie… :stuck_out_tongue:

me like ! ug

Yeahuu…this sketch is really cool, this robot is so cool…waiting for the finished render, keep it up, thou…

Looks familiar.

Maybe the shape of the head is reminding me of Lard Man. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, looking cool so far, nice design.