Robot From Solid to Blender

Hi guys,
I’m not sure about the right section, anyway I modeled a robot from a SVG logo. I need a character for my thesis/videogame about disability and I can only modified a little bit the logo of another project.
I’m new in blender and until now I never modeled a character, but this one should be quite simple.
I attached 2 images to explain my problem.
My problem is: I have a decent results in solid mode (I will be happy If the first image will be the final results)
In render mode the character is not decent.
How I can do to transform the render/ final robot in something like the one in solid mode?
Where is the problem? Geometry? Materials?

Thank you very much,


Problem is in Materiale and light…There is only 1 shader a Diffuse shader on Your model…Thats why it looks flat.

You use Node Editor to build up Your Materiale…With shaders to make the look You want.

There is a addon there do the job for You.

PBR Materiale…Shaders for Cycle…1 Click for a nice Metal Shader or Car paint…:slight_smile:

Here is a very cool Addon to setup Light work real good.…g-Beta-version

Here is thread for Materiale addon…:slight_smile:

Don’t forget the Light it’s important


I will use the character in unity, so I need for sure a material that can be exported, but I’m not sure about the shader for cycles, If I will use cycles render in which way can I export the shader? In unity I can use albedo,specular,normal, lightmap…but I think that the node editor is not exported, Can I do a bake in some way and to use the results of the nodes as a texture?

Thanks so much

Well, while you could get simple render in BI that translates into some 4 pixel texture for export, all there really is apealing (or not) is the lighting, reflections, which in your case is even all around the object (or, can be modulated by making appropriate specularity and normalmap textures).

Cycles materials do not export directly to other game or render engines, they need to be readjusted. You can use diffuse (or, albedo, as they would call it) and normalmaps, of course, if you use them in Cycles.
You can bake lights and shadows - if - if the object is static. As soon as you want it to move in scene such baked lights, shadows are not good looking anymore. You have to relay on your scene lights and material properties in that render engine you export to.

For this object - there is some 3 or four different color materials so you can UV map each individual object into one pixel which you then paint as you need.
You can use Vertex (Dirt) paint too if your engine allows or bake vertex paint in Blender as additional texture you later use for masking/mixing but you need to look into rtfm for unity to use all this.

Ok, thanks. I’ll go with blender render, painting some texture, and baking diffuse, normal and texture.

Another thing, it’s a little bit off topic but, I have some graphic issue in the geometry, I need to intersect the eyes and the ears with the cylinder (the head).

Obviously one mesh intersected in another mesh give problems, but also If i lost quads I have problems and the 2 object have very different number of vertex and shape for the intersection.

One continuously mesh for example for the ear is imperative or i Can left the ear in the position without common vertex with the cylinder?
For the eyes the issue is more difficult, now I have a mesh inside another mesh, any solution?
The bool modifier-union could be a solution?

I attach some image and the .blend.
Thanks eppo,

It will be quite messy if you had used boolean operation or some kind of knife project, intersect on cylinder and eyes. This would complicate object’s modelling several times.
What limits you to using only one mesh instead of overlapping parts? For the animations this should be fine…Texturing also - you can unwrap parts and combine into one texture. One mesh part being inside other is not something uncommon.

This robot is made by extrusion of a svg disability logo. I use bevel, depth and I converted in a mesh.
So the results is this.
I don’t understand a thing, is better to left the project in this way? Without boolean or something other?
My only issue is the edge between the cylinder of the head and the eyes.
Maybe is not a problem but the rendering without texturing give the image attached:

You can always trace logo in Blender using curves you convert to mesh later (GP pencil in draw mode, check this out) or Inkscape or whatever. Do not relay on automatic bitmap tracing if result is so bad. And it is, looking at the image.

So is it 3d robot you’re dealing with or something else? 2D extruded mesh?

Thanks, I solved my problem, there was an overlap in the mesh!
Now the eyes intersection seems not a problem!
It’s not a professional work but for me looks good. I attached the final render.
I imported the project in unity so I used only blender render and I didn’t mix diffuse,specular,normal in cycles.