Robot Girl

hey everyone,
I thought I’d make a new character.
I haven’t posted anything in a while

(character yet to be posted)

Did you forget to post the image? I dont see anything


I like the simplicity…


haha xD lol so funny :stuck_out_tongue:

im hoping you people read

…new character!
hey everyone,
here is the concept art of the character I made.

I thought I’d make a new character.
I haven’t posted anything in a while

-----------------(character yet to be posted)----------------

Yea I am sure they know, but it is still fun to do threads like this. I do like the color choices for this character. And the topology is amazing! Everything seems to be along the Y and X axis though… looks kinda 2D to me… this still needs some work… Can’t wait to see more! Maybe a jpg!! :stuck_out_tongue: Kidding ya man :slight_smile:

isn’t it prety? Lol. Jlk.

the character has a few things that need to be changed before I post it.

I now have some pictures.
it seems like something missing…
if anyone can point it out please tell me. (besides the missing head thing)
the head will be added soon.


Pretty nice… These arent the finished textures are they? I think with more detailed uv mapped textures the “missing something” feeling will disappear into thin air!


did you try ao lighting in the background world screen , also how many polygons or subsurf did you apply and is this for a game?yay!

I still havent finnished the textures yet, but I have a feeling your right.

I subsurfed it a bit… Lol.
sorry, it isn’t for a game.

hey guys,
I have updated this once again,
I only added a background so far, becuase I messed up on the texturing and have to start all over again.:frowning:

here is a close up of it’s arm.

and a render preview.

heres another update of my character.


tell me what you guys think.
any suggestions on how I could make this better?

I’m running low on memory for this computer, so I’m gonna post it now.
anyone that want’s it, go ahead and download it.:smiley:;12113134;/fileinfo.html

That is looking pretty great so far! Maybe a lighter render next time, might try some AAO.

I think the shoes need to be a bit more pointed… the rectangle look just wont give it justice if you ask me. Maybe add a little to the skirt to? Maybe at the end of the skirt do the little blue light you did on the rest of the mesh?

OK, that sounds simple enough. Lol.
I’ll do that.

allright, I’ll get to that also.
thanks Dudebot13!