robot legs (start to robot)

these are the llegs i made for a robot project im trying to stay focused on, im quite please with them and all the hydrolic rams are funksional as it wiol be animated when im finished, was hoping for some input from other ppl though as im gunna be putting a lot of work into this and i want it to be good.
cheers all.


Why did you take a screenshot of the window instead of saving the render?

Looks good to me but I haven’t been modeling for very long so I could have missed lots of things.

I would smooth shade the round parts though.

ive tryed saving the render, but i cant open it after that, i just get a windows file, maybe im just been really stuid and missing something obvious, i dnt know :-?

When you save it: when you put in the name of the picture, put .jpg on it.

Save file as: billy.jpg