Robot LuLu-C for animated cartoon project


So far this is what I have. It is for a larger project. It’s been quite a process making her but good fun. I’ve had to learn a lot of new things and a few helpful forum members have been kind to help me out with info from time to time. I hope you like what I have so far.

Just a quick test

Can you re-upload the test?

Is it not showing for you?

nice i like it, the design is cute and how you made her features look is also brilliant, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

No… It must be a problem at my end.

I’ll have some more lengthy videos to put up eventually, maybe they will work for you.

It works now. It was just timing out on me.

I like what you have so far. Will you use shape keys on the mouth and eyes?

Yup, they are actually shape keys I’m just new to animating so I forgot lol. Here’s another video with a bit more of a closer look at what I have so far.