Do any of you think you could make a robot render/blender?
With 2 arms, one hand and one pincer, 2 legs or spider legs, a interesting torso and a cool looking head with a small lamp attached

I have a picture in my head but i dont know how to use any render programs. :x :x

I also need a picture of a ball of energy and a cube of energy, if any one can help with that!

Thanxs very much

Are you asking if this is possible in Blender or is it a request?
Very possible.


It is a request. As i cant.

If you can make lots that would help and i could pick the one i most like.

Its probably best if you try to learn blender and then make the model yourself, since you know what you want. Look for posts by Modron and in his signature there is a link to a basic modelling tutorial. Also, don’t be afraid to ask around here for tips.

Blender is really quite easy to get the hang of. It just takes some practice to learn what everything does and how to use it to your advantage. I still don’t know how everything works. Look for tutorials and the like and you will pick it up pretty quickly.

Good luck.

May I ask (not that I would make it) where would you need this particular robot of yours?

I mean, if you need it for some specific thing and are willing to pay for it I think some one would be happy to make one, but if it is just for kicks then you might need to wait for a while for anything to happen. And that might take time.

I need some pics for a game design, well i have most of it worked out but I need to get a picture of:
Basic Taining bot
Basic combat bot
Basic constrution bot
Basic mining bot
Ball of energy
Cube of energy

But i cant pay people because i havent got alot of money! :frowning:
I was hoping people could help teach me blender and you will so thanxs, i will also read the manual.


If any of you want a challenge by all means try some! all i can make is a green square! LOL!

in game or just renders?

Well I only need renders. As i will not be making the game.
All i am doing is the ideas but i need them to see my ideas! :o
Thats why i need help, all i can make so far is a ball with spikes!


HELP! and yes i am reading the manual but ARRRR! My head hurts!

why don’t you use a paper and pencil?

This is a good way to start modellig in Blender as well.
here is a quick sketch done in photoshop

I guess i should. Ok, I will.


You can find a video of a ball of energy here: .
Just go into his “Special Effects” page, then the “Misc. Effects” tab.

I kind of had this in mind. But i dont know how to belender it!
Any of you got any ideas?