Robot Missile Launcher

I been working on this model for about two to three weeks. I know it’s not great quality model but I will like some tips to improve my skill and this model. I am only 15 and I will love an opinion from a pro.

PS: I uploaded the .blend file so you can tweak it if you like.


Robot.blend (802 KB)

What is really good is you are learning about edge loops and indents. Very nice. Your wheels could obviously be rounder (Perhaps add a subsurf) really like how the missiles are detachable. That could be very useful later

also, on robots, bevelled edges make a huge difference (Bevel modifier)

Thanks for the replies in this render I done what your said and looks better.

PS: I know the lights are bad.

OH - got your PM. Looks good. The wheels are the only glaring thing. Might want to try to modify the shape to make them a bit more circular. Then turn on smooth shading.

Then we have to take it to another level of detail. It’s a very good base over all.

So I did what you said about the wheels and here the results:

At this point, you need to define your goal. Right now you have a nice Jetson’s / Futurama kind of thing going. Add some metallic materials, glowing eyeplate, and it’s good. If, however, you’re goal is more of a military Mecha or something, we need to start a whole new layer of detail.

I think I am going with the Mecha idea I would like to add some detail my model fells boring and too simple.

Then you will need to start off with some kind of images to guide you in the process. Building a complex character just by random pretty much never works well.

Ok here some pictures that can be a good guide:

and one more:

Wow. Swing for the fences. Ok, there is a fairly large gap between your robot and any of these. That’s ok, we are just going to have to start a new model. start here: Choose the model you like best. Then, choose 1 part to start with (i.e. the head, chest, etc) start with a block model (ie, compress the part down to a cube or cone or something) shape it, refine it.

So I choose one of the pictures and set as a background image in blender?

well, I was thinking more a free form approach, but that’s not a bad idea.

what’s a free form approach?

mimic the shape, but don’t worry about being too exact.

oh ok I will try that first and if its a failure I use a background image.

Ok so I did some Photoshop:

each colours represent a 3d model which I will then add them together to make the Mecha

At this point we should probably start a thread in the Work In progress Section — you know – don’t want to piss the admins…

I know I am a bit behind the conversation.your robot,I down loaded it an took a look around you cot a lot of unnecessary lines ( virtesies ) especially by the missile launcher and the head. It made me think that you subdivide your mane cube,if you did try extruding ( hit E shortcut key) if you don’t know. I guess you do if you are thinking of taking on that Mach. Good luck.