Robot model for video game

This is the model of the title character for the game that i’m making. These are the first renders of the model.


2 more renders . IF you want to see more go to my website


Finaly rigged !!!
Next: Animations
Guys,I just discovered that I HATE fckn rigging!!

Visit my website:

haha, your not the only one who hates rigging :wink: did you follow any tuts for rigging or just went at it yourself?


I can say that I beat the world record of watching tutorials for rigging and animating. :smiley:

hahaa, well its good to see that it payed off :slight_smile:


Finally made all the animations (idle,forwoard,backwoard etc.) and then i forgot to save the .blend file!!!:mad: So I have to redo all the animations:rolleyes: and when I finish that i will make the first gameplay video cuz I allready have some levels