Robot model in Blenderart mag issue 1

I need some help troubleshooting aspects of the model making process, namely step 15, it asks you to duplicate the vertices at the back of the eyepiece and I don’t understand why as to acheive the desired affect of a sunken eyepiece you can simply continue to extrude the existing selection.
Can anyone shed some light on this???

Blender has a lot of ways to solve problems. Sometimes tutorial writers use tools just to show how they work. I can’t put my hands on my copy of BA mag #1 at the moment, but if you’ve got another way to do the same thing, by all means use it.

I think the reason simply is (if I remember correctly) that you will have a separate mesh in the end and I guess for beginners it’s easier to assign two different materials to two meshes than to one. That’s my guess at least.

Thnx for the response people, I think you are correct about the texturing business Domino as I have been looking ahead to the texturing tut which require part of the eye be a glass lens. Will post more when I get there.:cool: