Robot Model


Hi. Im from Poland and im 14 years old. I like to watch videos from blender. My favourites are from Masterxeon1001. Last time i learn some about using blender etc. Making this model took me 3 days of work (3-4 Hours each day). Goal was learn how to make hard surfaces. Im waiting for comments from modelers better than me ( i think all people on this forum are better than me ;D). I used materials from this page : . Here are some renders. i think i will upload wireframes tommorrow.

it looks like there are interesting shapes in there. Try to accentuate those with a nice contrast between light and dark because now we can’t really see these shapes. Shadow is equally important as light to define your model. Try rendering with a 3-point lighting system.

but you’re well on your way,
keep going!

since there is nothing to reflect in the scene,
the model looks a bit dull (it’s nearly 100% reflective). Maybe you can look up HDRI-maps and HDRI-lighting,
it would make your render a lot more interesting as well.

Here are update of my work. I make things that Soring tell me to do. I think now it looks better. Thank you :slight_smile: