Robot modelling (Closed - Moved to finished projects)


I’m in the process of making and eventually rigging a robot for a bigger scene I’m working on.
I have been sitting with this for quite a while and I finally starting to feel I’m coming closer to something that might work.

It is supposed to be a multipurpose military robot, in the scene I am working on it is going to act a guard robot and I will give it some kind of “big gun”

Before I start the rigging of this I wan’t to make sure it looks it best.
I would LOVE some feedback on the modelling, do you think something looks off or do you think something is missing?

Things that I know are left to do are:

  • Decals on the robot.
  • More wires and hoses to connect different parts (I’ll do that after rigging)
  • More love to the textures
  • Bend finger to more relaxed pose ( looks weird when they are straight like that)

Cheers / Holmen

Oh wow that looks awesome. It has a nice almost oldschool feel. Design looks great but the support to the legs seems a little weak or unstable. I just feel that the pistons of the feet wouldn’t be able to withstand that much weight and bend or snap after taking gravity. Centered stability of the robot can be corrected with your upcomming rig. Don’t worry about the fingers because it will be easier to rig when it is straight. Other than that I can see it being a stable robot that could take a hit and be a nice gunner.

When you model it, how did you set up mirror modifiers?
I would like to make similar. I’ve set group of objects but you can’t use mirror on group.

Thanks for the feedback.
You are right bout the piston to the feet, it’s a bit week. I will redo the feet/leg to get a more solid looking solution. Will also make bigger pistons on the arm, they also look weak.
I am thinking about adding some kind of floodlights or something on the chest to move the center of gravity forward a bit so it doesn’t look like it’s about to tip over.

So i made some changes to it.

  • Redid how the feet worked and that fixed both the center of gravity and the week pistons.

  • Worked on the armor around the hips to better match the breast armor, also added some lights on them.

  • The arms have a bigger piston and a new mount for the pistons.

  • Added ventilation to the main body.

  • Added armor to the lower legs.

Is there anything anyone think I should put some more love into before moving on to the rigging. Al feedback big and small is appreciated.

Uppdated turnaround @

I was more worried about the L shape going on at the ankle area but overall it looks like good changes. Just wondering but have you heard of Sketchfab? It allows people to view the model in any direction without using a gif. It is a pretty cool site! Even has an option to put a small animation loop on the model.

I like what you have going here, very utilitarian looking :slight_smile: I’m glad you moved some of the center of gravity forward, the first images did look a little off.

My $.02:

The feet seem overly large and awkward, looks like he would trip over himself.

Also, the joints in his shoulders and hips look like they only rotate in one axis, which would be a problem. Maybe give him ball-joints in the hips and shoulders?

You have done a great job tho! Much better than anything I can produce :slight_smile:

I did notice a couple of things that didn’t work when I started rigging. The shoulders where one of those areas. The legs have balljoints but hey are hard to see tho they are located under the “crotch armor”.

Thanks for the feedback but the modeling will not see much more change, I’m in the middle of the texturing process right now. I’ll surely ask for some feedback on that in a couple of days.

This is how the modelling turned out.

(Cant figure out how to embed sketchfab so I guess a link has to do)

Hi again.
The rigging is done and I have moved on to the materials and textures.
Most of it is Procedural to keep the edges sharp while zooming in. I painted the flaked paint at the edges by hand but figures out a way to use nodes to make it procedural and keep avoid showing pixels at closeups.

I would love you honest feedback on the materials and textures.
Do something look off?
To much of something?
What’s missing?

“Oh, damn, I know that I’m supposed to see this robot as a fierce battle-warrior, but …”

I like this guy! He’s cute! :slight_smile:

There’s … somehow … what I see as a bit of whimsy(!) in the design of his head, and his three-toed feet. Also in the fact that he is “light-weight.” I’d love to see him in a movie.