Robot Paint Over

Trying out a new technique of rendering out a clay render and then painting over it in Photoshop to add texture and details. I like it.


Very nice! You should timelapse record the process sometime!

I hadn’t thought of that - very nice image, and thank you for the break down shot.

awesome results.

Hahaha…Looks great man…

Awesome :slight_smile:

I Like it very much!

Great technique! I do would like more details on the “Painting” part.

Indeed, it looks awesome. I agree with what LiquidApe said, besides the orange metal it has lack of texture detail.
But anyway, great work. :yes:

Nice one Josh. Like the colors and the model. :slight_smile:

I don’t think it lacks anything - for the style, it is as it needs to be. It might help others to see the steps gone about colorizing though, knowing whether there was masking or just painting on overlay or multiply mix mode, etc.

Wow, great work!

Great technique