Robot (Papero) WIP

Another work in progress. I built him loosely following the tuturial in the BlenderArt mag. He will be part of a short film I am working on. Also, this has been an experiment in using Yafray, and this shows the progress I have made so far.

I would like to ask for some help on the plastic material. I like the speculars and the diffuse colors, but I would like to add just a little reflection from the environment. At no reflection, well, there is no reflection, but anything greater than 0 is total, all-out chrome. How can I get just a little bit of reflection. THX.


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I really like whatever you did to the material (don’t change it!)…and the lighting is nice. Actually, if you’re going for a plastic effect, bring the specularity down a bit. Unless it’s shiny plastic. (Depends on what you want, but that’s how I would think of it.) Nice modelling job. Are you going for one of those AIish 'bots? If you are, you might want to make it more neutral. A lot of the robots these days that are humanish tend to be very neutral in color (ex, AIBO is either grey, black or white, etc.).

Just my opinions. Hope it helps.

Oh, wait…I just completely misread your post. You want it shinier but not chromy? Try bringing the hardness up or down some.

EDIT: Lower specularity, lower hardness and try a bit of the ramp shaders. I don’t have the material you do (on the 'bot) but I can get a very non-chrome but reflective effect with a sphere and some ramp shading. :-?

Well, I adjusted the materials a bit to make them more AI-ish, so to speak. I hadn’t really considered doing that, but it fits perfectly with the short. The antagonist has vibrant colors, so the antagonist will be wearing muted tones.

THe problem I am now facing is the reflection. This render has the two settings I found for reflection set to the minimum.

Shaders -> Lambert -> Ref .001
Mirror Transp -> Mat. Preset Uniform Reflect & rayMir .001

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong here? I only want the slightest hint of relfection, not full-on chrome. TIA.


haders -> Lambert -> Ref .001

This ref value is the amount of light the object reflects – more like the diffuse value in other programs. It is not for mirror reflections and the default value of 0.8 is good for most situations.

Mirror Transp -> Mat. Preset Uniform Reflect & rayMir .001

This is the one you want to adjust – a setting of about .1 to .2 with a fresnel of about 1.5 to 2 might be a good starting point.


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