Robot Progression

This is the character I’ve been working on lately. I have already posted this character on Focused Critiques but thought, since i am working on it still, it would be a good idea to also post it on work in progress. So, judge on! (:

The feet are undone. I’ll do them asap.

Great surface textures and variation. Glad to see a different kind of robot than usual. The colored lights add a lot to it. Are they objects with emission shaders or are they translucent with emission lights underneath? I assume the former, but they look great so I’m extra curious. Would like to see some poses!

Thank you very much rickycolson! I have this same robot over at Focused Critiques, so, if you would like, you can go there and comment on anything you dislike of the character and I will take your comment into consideration as fast and as effectively as i can. The link will be on my signature.
As of the lights, i am on a different computer, so, i do not know the exact combinations of shaders i used, but off the top of my head, i can think of a variety i tried: glass, glossy, and emission. However, i do not remember if that’s the one i went with. If you’d like, i could take a screenshot of the material nodes and post some on the focused critique? Coming to think of it, that sounds like a perhaps good idea; i will do that for some of the materials i applied on the model. (: Thanks again for commenting.

I think that would be helpful for fellow artists here. Keep up the good work!