Robot Rampage Wrestling

Well well, it’s been a long time since i posted something here.
Just noticed, that the Forum has received a nice theme-lifting :slight_smile:

I just finished a Project that i did using Blender. It will be printed 24x33cm using 2 Colors (Black and one Spot Color).

Hope you like it.
CC is welcome of course.

Cheers // daten

Click on the Image to view a version with higher resolution.

I don’t know why, but I like stuff like this.

r the explosion sprites intentionally pixelated?

Yes they are.
The only element that’s actually created in Blender is the Robot. The rest is done in Photoshop (Image Composing), Illustrator (RRW Logo), and InDesign (Layout and Composing)

very cool

Heh, awesome. Very well put together, too. Clean-cut, would be the word. It actually manages to look professional even in spite of the photoshopped mouse and the explosions. XD

very nice love the style

aren’t these explosions free sprites from the web? remind me of some counterstrike custom explos…

i hope no hamsters were harmed during the making of this image

Love this image!
NPR rulez…

Hehe, you have a good eye. These are indeed explosion sprites from the Web. I took them from a vastly used gif animation (you’ll find it on about every site that has animated gifs for download ;)). Don’t know if its origin is actually CS.

I can assure you: only a few hamsters where involved in the making of this image and most of them still feel very comfortable :wink:

To all the others:
Thanks for all the positive feedback. I’ll post an image of the printed result as soon as it’s done.