Robot Revisited

Well now. Long time no post. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I finally got some time today to actually do some blending and I went back to my robot model. I have started on new arms, since everyone thought they were too big previously. That is about all that I have done to it thus far. WIll try and get some more updates soon.

Let me know what you think o fthe new arms so far.


BgDM, it’s a little difficult to make the arms out with the black background.

Any chance you could post one with a lighter background? From what I can make out tho’ the rest of the model looks very good.


I can’t make out any arms except for the little pipes. The rest of the model is really good though. The little pipes are nice too. :wink:


nice, I’m anxious to see this animated (hint! hint!) :wink:

the size of the arms looks fine to me.


Call me crazy, but the legs now look a bit too big.


Very nice model. Careful disproportion rules!


Thanks for the replies.

The arms are just started. The tubes/pipes are part of the upper arm. That is why they don’t look like anything yet.

sonixsculpt: I will try and get you a render with a different BG later today.

Heh. Maybe. I really need to learn armatures. So why not try it out, eh? Armatures in Blender are my weakest point.

Thanks again.


your robot is coming along nicely there, BgDM!! i hope you yaf it again…nudge nudge

Excellent taste for modeling and lightsetup !

hmm…I need to do something soon 8)

woo! love it! very defined, and the lighting is great too, can’t wait to see it done, and animated? :wink: :wink:


good idea! BdGM…? :wink: