Robot Rig

I have been working on a rig for a robot, and have almost finished, although there are a few problems that bother me.

  1. When moving the COG bone, the tip of the bones with the IK constraint do not move in a fixed manner (like a direct parent relationship). I want a setup, so that I can move the whole rig as a “solid” ?

  2. When Cancelling the transformation (rightclick) with the arm and leg control bones, the rotation of the control bone resets, but the other bones in the IK chain do not reset their location or rotation! I want these to reset.

Attached is the Blend. File of the Rig, and an up to date render of the robot (the head is in progress)

Note: The Rig is in rest position

If any of you guys could have a look and fix these problems, or any other problems you’re sure to find, it’d be much appreciated! :smiley:


Rig Demo.blend (142 KB)

Just looked at your file briefly… Your problems are because your ik controller bones are parented to bones in the ik chains, at least for the legs and I assume you built the arms in the same way… This causes a cyclic dependency, pose the armature’s ik controllers a bit and check the console, you’ll find error messages there about dependencies. I made the foot/leg ik controller an un-connected child of the cog bone and it solved both problems you stated.

Another thought, you might want to add pole targets to the ik chains. See attached file and look at the ik constraint for the lower leg…]


ps… the attached file is I think is the mancandy leg rig…


legrig3.blend (129 KB)

Thanks Randy! Removing the parenting solved the arms, and a look at the Mancandy leg rig definitely helped me work something out for the legs!