Robot rigging question

I have modeled a toy robot and have given him a basic armature. I’m am now trying to make it easier to animate. I have never done a robot and I’m wondering if you use ik controls for legs and arms like these where the parts don’t deform or go into each other on when they bend. I have tried an ik constraint for the leg but when I pull it up the small area for the knee to rotate starts bending. So any guidance would be greatly appreciated.



That is a neat little model there! I think the answer you are looking for is ‘yes you can’. It is possible to lock the rotation on certain axis with constraints, meaning the ik chain will only affect on axis of rotation - ie, the lower leg rotating through the ‘knee’ joint.

Look at ‘Degree of Freedom’ in particular.

Hey thanks for the reply. I will look into that. I was trying out the rig for the hand where you scale a bone to bend the fingers for the leg.