Robot Rigging: Support arms for a fold-out mechanism?


This is difficult to explain using words, so I am attaching screenshots. I want to create a fold-out weapon for a robot character that swings out on a mechanism like this. Any ideas how I would go about doing this?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

(Lumpengnom) #2

Parent the gun to the rear joint and use a Locked Track Constraint to make it “look at” the front joint.

You can also give the front joint a Copy Rotation Constraint if you want to make it allways rotate the same as the rear joint.


Thanks for the quick reply! Will this also make the top piece not move past the arms?

(Lumpengnom) #4

No it won´t move past the arms.

Anyways, it is usually better to create rigs like this with empties and then parent your models to the empties.
That way you wont have to change the origins of the models.


Thanks for the help! This works perfectly.