Robot ring

I am creating a game but it is still in the planning-ish stage. I want to make my main character ( a ball of electricity ) to be surrounded by a ring or bar around it. I’ve got a sort of ‘template’ of the bar but I want to have little circular multicolored lights equally spaced around it. Considering there will be lots of them I reasoned “There must be a easier way to do this, other than making heaps of lights, then trying to stick them on”. So is there? Or do I have to do it the hard way:(?

Thanks in advance.

Also, heres the ‘template’. I couldn’t find any way to put a covering on the top.

You could make a texture of lights, then apply it the mesh. Or you could use the array modifier and then color them.

Could you elaborate a bit?

It really isn’t clear what you want.

A circular ring with circular LEDs on the sides that are multicolored and glow but can also do other stuff (like zapping other objects)

So do I have to do it by modeling again and again?