Robot Ripper Rig

Lately I modelled a robot. I started to rig it to but I cant figure out how to rig the gripper part. I have two versions of the gripper because I thought a new one would be easier to rig. But I was wrong :slightly_smiling_face: This this is how the 1st Gripper should move 1st Gripper Rig. So the 1st Gripper is on a rail system and the two parts are pushing each other away, which should be controlled by one bone, so the move is evenly.
The second gripper version looks like this 2nd Gripper. I think it’s quite self-explanatory how this one works. I would be quite grateful if someon can explain me, how I can rig both, but one should be enough for my purpose.

Are you familiar with drivers?

The one on the right ‘Gripper B’ uses a 'Copy Transforms from ‘Gripper A’
The one on Left , ‘Gripper B’ uses a ‘Copy Rotation’ from ‘Gripper A’. Parenting is in the Outliner.
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Na im not, but I’ll try it out.

If I add the driver and I apply it to another Location Axis, it doesn’t work… Why???

Can I see a screenshot of the problem? Or better yet, get a blendfile? :wink:

Unfornately I’m new in this forum, so I can’t upload a blendfile. So here is a Screenshot The error. I applied the first driver, but I can’t apply the seond one to another axies

Little Question: If I move the “Gripper A”, “Gripper B” isn’t moving towards Gripper A. Because this Gripper works with a “rail System” that moves them to or away from each other to hold or release stuff… How can I achieve this?

And on the on the one back: I can move the one bone but cant rotate the other one.

Hey, Look at how the ‘Bone Axis’ (Gripper) are opposite each other on the ‘Z’ axis, that is the secret, make sure you set the constraint to ‘Local’ space too.

Not sure what bone your referring to, I didn’t really set-up any to move,(translate), except ‘Arm’ bone.’ HAND.00’1 just copies ‘hand.001’ rotation on the local ‘X’ axis,(those bones have opposing axis, X+ _ X-), ‘hand.001’ just has a ‘limit rotation’ constraint.