Robot Scorpion

Been working on this for sometime now and i wanted some feedback on what people thought of the modelling. Ignore the colours they’re mainly placeholders. The model is currently at 12,000 faces and 60,000 with suburf on. Pics below.


Looks good so far. Do you have an image with all the parts assembled?

I would give the 3 main body segments slightly different shapes so they don’t look too much like “copy and paste”. And the head doesn’t fit very well with the rest of the parts, but I guess you are still working on that.

Its not properly assembled and still has most of its legs missing and the second claw but heres the current pic. Also in what way does the head not fit so i know what to correct.


FWIW… here’s my two cents… I don’t know about the head, you probably have reference pictures of a real scorpion and I know it’s a robot so it’s not really going to look like a real one. So that leaves you free to play around alot. The only thing that really sticks out to me is the tip of the tail. I think one of the defining characteristics of a scorpion is the tip of the tail, it kinda looks like a teardrop shape. Another defining characteristic of a scorpion is the hands/claws, which I think you have done a great job on.

I’ll be interested in seeing where this goes!

Was playing on a few ideas for what i wanted on the tail, trying to design something thats unique and sticks in the mind.

What I meant was that the head has a mainly smooth shape and the body a more blocky one. But now when I see the assembled scorpion I don’t think that matters much since the claws are also smooth, so they balance it off quite well. Maybe another thing that was irritating me: real scorpions have a really small head compared to the body. But I agree with revolt_randy, it doesn’t matter since it is a robot.




Here are a few images I found on google that might help spark your imagination if you haven’t already done this :slight_smile: Looks like you got a good start on your claw, the body is still looking a little plain but with some refining I think you will get what you want out of it. Keep it up and keep posting images!!

Thanks for the images khnum.

Ya, definitely do something creative with the tail. Those images where cool. The head doesnt look right to me, i dont think i fits with the model. but them maybe it is because it is unfinished. So here is a suggestion, get the whole thing assembled. The clays look fine, except the tail of the clause(where they connect with the body) is too thin. I also suggest doing something creative witht he spine/tail, cuz right now thy consist of mostly plain blocks. Oh and i think the back should be more triangular than rectangular. cuz it looks more like a snake than a scorpion me thinks.

This has potential. Keep it up./

Just saw Clash of the Titans for Father’s day. Amazing scorpions! Keep at it!

Got round to modelling the tail. Just need to tweak parts of the body and the beginning of the tail.


Looking pretty deadly now :slight_smile: Try adding an edge crease to the outside edges of the prongs to make it sharper if you want.

Now that tail looks awesome!!! And that’s not a cheap pick-up line… hahahaa… So what are your thoughts on the tail?? I’m thinking in real life, a scorpion’s tail is what inflects the sting, it’s how it attacks. Any thoughts on this?

Keep up the good work!

Wanted to adjust the tail bits so that the sting could reach the front of the body (if it was to be posed). I also want to make the tail poisonous. So have a pipe at the back of the spike with odd an looking coloured substance running through it.

Cool tail, i love the liquid idea!, make it like glowy green, or something like that maybe.

Starting modifying the design of the body and resized the head. Stil need to do something with the tail block but seem to be haveing trouble thinking of a design for it. Also attached a pipe for the poison to the tail tip.


Is that pipe as far as you going with the poison? Here is a suggestion…
And make the body wider or something.
And make the liquid sor of like this green texture(it is a bit brighter, in my graphic settings settings, then on the screenshots)


Haven’t been able to do a lot recently because of university vists but i have a lot of spare time now, so i will be able to get more done. Summer holidays FTW.
Started on the detailing and putting it together. Also started to add some colour.


Yay, scorpion is back! …

Cool detail, but i still think the body should be more round…
Ok now that you have the tube with liquid, let me show you what i had in mind for the liquid.
I applied the idea to this gun(not my gun, just the liquid):

But really more this than the gun…

Here’s a pic of the materials i’m using for the poison pipe. Also do you have any examples of what you mean buy more rounded?