Robot sentry in corridor

I carefully constructed this replica of the standard robot enemy from the new Sonic game, using various reference pictures and gameplay trailers.

Rendered with the Blender internal renderer with post production (ie text) added in paint.

-edit- here is a link to some pictures of the original robot, along with a few other things from the game’s first cutscene. Although the plot was a letdown, I still like the robot designs and plan on modelling them, someday…

This great work.Dont you think for this great work of art.You should be using something better than paint?Neverthe lesse 5 stars from me!

Thanks! this was my first -complete- piece of art with blender. (ie with actual scenery, lighting and character(s) ) now uncomplete artwork is another thing… :D:D:D

I believe you can do post pro on it with GIMP which is a free program and would probably give you anti-aliased text.

Or just throw a brick at those programs and use Blender’s compositing nodes.:wink:

you’re probably right, but I did this before I began delving into the mysterious tangled pathways that are nodes. (and yes, gimp would have given better results, but I was in a hurry. :slight_smile: )

Brilliant robot. do you think the walls are just a little too reflective? It’s difficult to see without looking twice (especially on that wall section on the left) what’s nicely discombobulted panels and what’s reflections of nicely discombobulated panels!

woot dude…really nice modelling.
great work!

I like it except for the feet. I get the feel he is standing on his toes. I might like it better if those feet were flattened out. Just a suggestion. Nice overall image.

Really nice! Love the reflection on the walls, but I feel that the robot looks a bit plastic.

Really well done though.


Visually the robot blends into his surroundings. The composition is simple. thought the model is very well done, and looking plastic isn’t exactly bad for a robot.
Perosnally I’d rotate the camera some so that you get more of a reflection of the robot in the back wall, which would also open up the robot for a slightly more dynamic pose. I understand that you want him to be oppressive, and strong, which may be why you have him standing in such a way, though if you make him a more dominant part of the image it would also convey his oppressiveness.
But as for a simple presentation of a good model, this is sufficient. though for a model display a subdued background is prefered.

Looks good, but the noise in the image really draws away from it… I would suggest increasing the samples in the Ambient Occlusion or if you’re using yafray, raise the AA. Apart from that and some of the other critiques that people already said, it looks good.

If you like Paint, you should try, it has better features like layers, clone stamp, effects, unlimited undo, etc…

I really like your render though.

i would have the robot slightly leaning forward, and looking at camera, in a very threatening pose. He already has cannon pointed at us. And add a red halo just above the cannon as his laser sight.

i LIKE him blending in. A real guard does. it’s callled camophlage. HE does not want to be a very visible target, so his adaptive armor would have picked up his env and changed colors.

There’s a couple of odd looking parts on the model on the chest, like it hasn’t been subsurfed enough. Also, noise reduction is your friend. Get yourself a copy of a program that gets rid of noise (I don’t know if GIMP does it)