Robot simulation / control addon

this a robot simulation + control addon that i’ve been working on the past month or so.
blender is seriously versatile <3

this is specifically for the UR5e robot, which is what i have access to.

current features are:

  • can be used without an actual robot (tiny simulator built-in)
  • use empties to define where the robot is going
  • python export of curves (generates a runnable robot control program only with your curve)
  • design and attach custom tools (using their own coordinate system)
  • measure tool offsets using the robot’s force sensor (e.g. to adjust to different pens)
  • a “pen path” tool to combine multiple texts/curves (lifts/lowers the pen)
  • preview of actual robot data

not sure where this is going exactly, but it’s been a fun journey so far…