Robot Slick Model In Process

yep… the same model on my avatar… I am working on making and rigging my FIRST MODEL!!! IM SOOOO PUMPED!!! Any suggestions??? oh… here’s the pic …

looks like you could use some AutoSmooth :wink:

would that mess up the materials??? What is the difference? Subsurk just multiplies the >no clue< to produce a smoother outcome… autosmooth just…??? I mean… I’ve used autosmooth before… but it always did weird things to the material… Thanks for the feedback though…!

I think you have that backwards…Auto Smooth does not mess up the materials. Sub Surf will mess up the materials location.

yeah… thanks for that… i feel stupid… right after I sent that I ws like… WAIT… but yeah I just experimented with the AutoSmooth and it doesn’t produce the results I was looking for… (doesn’t round the edges near the side vents or near the eyes…) Thanks for the help though

That’s why you use both.

Thank you for that my good chap!

You can use AutoSmooth or Set Smooth. AutoSmooth makes the angles that are less than a certain number of degrees render as smooth, while Set Smooth can be applied selectively in edit mode and makes all edges smooth. If you want all smooth edges, use SetSmooth, if you want some (but not all) to be hard edges use AutoSmooth. SetSmooth is best used in combination with subsurfacing.