Robot Soldier WIP


(aaronh) #1

Here’s the most recent WIP render to update the thumbnail:

Original Post:
I’ve been wanting to make a robot soldier for quite some time. I suppose my end goal would be to make some to put on shape ways as alternative models for Space Marines for Warhammer 40,000 or something. Anyway, rigging is going to be fun when I get the model finished (sarcasm). I’m not sure how but once I’ve got the modeling finished I’ll probably be asking for some rigging help.

(aaronh) #2

I’ve spent a little more time. Upper body is mostly finished at this point.

Do you guys know how to update the topic thumbnail to show the most recent image?

(aaronh) #3

Here’s another update. Spent some time on the shoulders and blocking in the upper arms.

(Level Pixel Level) #4

Hey Aaronh, this is looking cool! Let me know when you start rigging if you have any questions.

(aaronh) #5

Thanks levelpixellevel! I’ll definitely be asking! I did see a couple videos on YouTube. One called how to rig anything by dillongootoo, and a how to rig a piston/shock absorber/strut by CG Cookie, I still think I’ll need help though as I still have questions that will probably be easier to understand when the model is complete.

(aaronh) #6

Here’s an update. I fixed the lower portion of the upper arm and added some shoulder armor.

(aaronh) #7

Here’s another update. Some more detail in the arms, a forearm and backpack power unit is added. More detail to come on that.

(aaronh) #8

Here’s another update. I’ve added the lower body, some support hydraulics and the upper legs. I had to reposition the lower arms to accommodate the hips. The hips are mostly just a duplicated shoulder joint and upper arm that I scaled up and modified the shape of the extra armor bit. My plan is to have ammo pouches and a side arm attached to the armor plates on the upper legs. Since the torso isn’t shaped so well for storing ammo and stuff like a vest would be capable of, I had to get a little creative.

I thought I should also post my concept image I drew so you guys can see what I’m aiming for.

(Level Pixel Level) #9

Nice update, very nice to see the progress. And Epic concept! Very cool hip/spine structure. The negative space with the pistons is awesome.

(aaronh) #10

Thanks! I’m having a lot of fun with this one. Now I wish I could do organic characters as easily as I can mechanical ones.

(alf0) #11

nice work, not finished yet, but it looks promissing

(aaronh) #12

Thanks! I appreciate it! I’ve got pretty big plans for this guy.

(aaronh) #13

Here’s an update. I simplified the geometry a bit by removing excess edge loops and beveling edges. I realized I wasn’t really gaining anything with a subdivision surface modifier with pretty square objects so I switched methods. Though, now I’m getting a weird shading thing going on in it’s head. not sure how to fix that one though.

(aaronh) #14

Here’s another update. The feet are now added. Just need to work on the hands, extra details, the gun and then rig the guy.

(aaronh) #15

Here’s another quick update. Hands are added and detail added to the backpack.

(aaronh) #16

I’ve started work on the gun. It’s based off of an HK M416 but since I’m planning to print this out and it will be pretty small, I am not getting the details perfect. Partly because of my original drawing and partly because I’m not sure the details will show up.

(aaronh) #17

Well I wasn’t terribly happy with the gun model so far and I had an issue with file versioning with Google Drive so this model of the gun wasn’t actually saved. So I decided to actually model off of a reference photo which is actually making the modeling process much easier.