Robot, stylized

LATEST UPDATE 2019-06-20

Was a long time since I posted here on Blender artist.
Right now I’m working on a new projekt, a stylized robot where I’m drawing much inspiration from the awesome style of Overwatch.
I am planing on keeping it resonably lowpoly and use normalmaps for the details.

Right now I have a pretty good grasp on the larger design elements.
I will take these renders into Photohop to do some paintover. The goal is to find a nice colorscheme and make quick mockups for finer details to add on the model.



Still doing some small detail design, a lot of trial and error.
Goinf for the idea of a fishbowl controlling the mech, like in the movie “Mega Mind” :slight_smile:

Also quickly tried a few different colors to start to get a feeling for how it could look.

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I am really not happy how the upper legs / hips look. Will probably redo that part from scratch.
The hand need to stand out more, need to do some creative coloring or find another way to increase readability.
The shoulders need to look more integrated with the rest of the tech, also need more detail.

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Guessing where his eyes would be (if he had any …) it sorta looks like his arms are coming out of his ears. :smile:

Currently UV unwrapping the robot. Can’t wait to paint it.


A butt load of UV unwrapping later…
I split the unwrapping in tre different sections, head and waist, hips and legs, shoulders and arms.
Next is texturing and materials.

I will also need to realign the legs, noticed the center of gravity is off.

Started the texture painitng process.
Made som generated textures to get the base color and texture in. Baked those textures to color, rougness, metal and emit maps.
I am now manually going over the colormap and highlighting the edges to make them “pop”

After this I am going to add grime, dust wear and decals.

There is still a bit of texture painting left to do.
Right now I am painting on different layers/imagefiles and combining inside of Blender.
I will rebake to a singel color, roughness, metalness and normalmap after I am done.

Really looking forward to rigging this.

The work continues on textures and materials.
Starting to get closer to the point to start rigging.
If you spot anything that looks off, please let me know :slight_smile:

Quick update, textures are done.
The rig is 95% from the hips and up.
Next steg is to rig the legs.

Short update, animation under way.
So far I have only (roughly) started on the legs.
I am anticipating the animation process to take a long time.


cool robot.

Nice model!

One comment on your animation:
move the body over the leg that’s on the ground when lifting the other leg while walking. Right now the robot is way out of balance while walking which makes it look unrealistic (you might be able to get away with this when running, but while walking it’s just too obvious).

Thanks for the feedback.
I noticed the same and ended up rethinking the animation
Instead of having him walking it’s now an idle animation, only that took me long enough.
The finished project is here: