Robot, stylized

(Holmen) #1

Was a long time since I posted here on Blender artist.
Right now I’m working on a new projekt, a stylized robot where I’m drawing much inspiration from the awesome style of Overwatch.
I am planing on keeping it resonably lowpoly and use normalmaps for the details.

Right now I have a pretty good grasp on the larger design elements.
I will take these renders into Photohop to do some paintover. The goal is to find a nice colorscheme and make quick mockups for finer details to add on the model.

(Holmen) #2

Still doing some small detail design, a lot of trial and error.
Goinf for the idea of a fishbowl controlling the mech, like in the movie “Mega Mind” :slight_smile:

Also quickly tried a few different colors to start to get a feeling for how it could look.

(Holmen) #3

I am really not happy how the upper legs / hips look. Will probably redo that part from scratch.
The hand need to stand out more, need to do some creative coloring or find another way to increase readability.
The shoulders need to look more integrated with the rest of the tech, also need more detail.

(sundialsvc4) #4

Guessing where his eyes would be (if he had any …) it sorta looks like his arms are coming out of his ears. :smile: