Robot suspension constraint

Hello. Im working like a week on an easy suspension of robot. It has 4 wheels that has hinge connections to a block. Wheel are assembly of rims + pneumatic. Im working on other CAD programs and hasnt got such a big problems of adding constraints before. I think that blender should have been more userfriendly.

My problems:

  1. What constraint type to fix elastic pneumatic on a rim?
  2. What to do to connect rim to rigid block as Im having many problem with it. If I do it right my rim has a tendency to incline as a result of lateral forces.

Havent found some right tutorial about this for 2.5x blender. And in one I found out that someone was doing a 2 ball constrains on each wheel.

Thanks for help.

Im adding photos of those visible fails


Are you using a hinge constraint? is it locked on the axis that it should be (not the way the wheel rolls)? This would stop the wheel tilting.

Yes I do.Wheels are freely rotating but also inclining under lateral forces. It behaves like the hinge was from elastic material. And still dont know how to fix that tyre on the hub. How to do it please? Thanks

Im still at dead point anyone know what is causing those problems please?

u could use the ‘vehicle wrapper’, maybe…

Im not so sure what you mean. Here is another shot of it still the same problem but now i have pretty realistic wheels. But there is still problem with that pivot as it behaves like a pretty bad suspension but I want a fixed suspension. I found out that elastic pivot depends of mass of that block. Im using mass as kilograms so that block is 70 mass/kg

Im having a problem with camera animation. If im tracking a path and in a special frame I want to start tracking the car how to do it? I thought that ill just change camera constrains in those key frames but that doesnt work.