Robot/Toy WIP

This is or was my first attempt of a robot. It was one of my earliest projects in blender internal. To be honest I thought I deleted it a year ago… I love finding my old USB sticks!

Here is the updates with cycles. I am using a combination of Andrew’s and Cynicat Pro’s PBR setup. Also working on my own materials of course.

This one with subsurface scattering… Time consuming for my computer.

This one is my favorite. Other than it took a bit less time to render… I like the color and believe I will stick to this one.

What I will be doing is making a scene for this Toyish robot. I say toy because it has no wires and clear essentials to work like a robot. I liked the design so I kept with it :). No animation will be added to this.

I will also be working on another design for another project but I will come back to this one surely. If one project is rendering, I will have this one to come back to. Plus I have the time :D!

I like it. It looks very real.

These are some wonderful tests, Rodger. It’s clear you’ve made a lot of progress in the time between the first render and these new ones. I like the contrast between them both; the first feels very large, while the second feels very small. The highlights on the eyes give a little more life to the character and make it feel alive. The last image reminds me of those macro shots of cute little spiders.

Great renders!

Sorry for the late reply! Thank you both! I worked on this little guy around in 2014 after watching cute jumping spiders. Mainly was for a short personal animation test. Also was sort of inspired from an old computer isometric game called Septerra Core. And from that game I will be inspired to do some other creations and things from it.

Other than making a scene I will be posting sorts of material and object tests, character tests, and scene tests. This may be a long venture.

I’ve been working on my other project and I am almost done with it. Once done with that one I will be working on this one fully! At least fully as I can anyway :o.

Done with my other project. Testing a scene and some materials. Metallic leaf? Just an idea test lol.


Rod! it looks really nice!, I don’t know anything about metallic. But I like it!

Thanks! I am kind of throwing ideas here and there. My first thought about the scene was a battle scene but still need to work with materials and designs. I actually might pull out several small finished scenes before I finish the WIP.

For now I have nothing but rough drawings.