robot type45, need some crits

Started a little project while i was on holiday, been working on it on and off since.
Just spotted a small rendering artifact, but its not worth uploading the corrected version.

As you are no doubt completely aware, this model lacks fine detail (especially in the main body). What i could really use is some sugguestions on where to add detail, get some fresh ideas yata yata yata :stuck_out_tongue:

The idea behind the robot was that it should have a nice clean flowing look, i don’t want to change that but i think i took it a bit too far.

Ps. Dont say it needs a neck, that’s one thing I’m not moving on.

What is this robot’s purpose? What does it do? It’s kind of difficult to give suggestions on a design like this one without knowing more detail. The hands and feet look a little weak, but maybe there’s an environment that this robot works in that requires it. Without more information, it’s hard to tell.

its just made for killing things, thats pretty much all

The robot is top-heavy.

Try bulking up the legs, giving them a nice slant down, or stretching the legs, slimming the torso.

Without giving the main torso a neck, would you be open to giving the head a disk of rotation, so that the three eyes can track an object as it passes by it on either side, and perhaps all the way around behind it? It just seems to me that if has little periferal vision. Or possibly make the entire head an omni directional ball with inset eyes/lenses.

Also, maybe add some plating around the hip area to cover the leg joints a bit, very exposed and vulnerable.

The sholders seem a bit high, as if the arms are actually coming out of what would normally be the ribcage. Perhaps move the arms up a bit and extend the upper arm a bit

And without adding anything really to the feet, if you made the heals a bit wider it might compinsate for the thinner forward feet.

Thanks for the suggestions guys(and or gals).


I personally like the idea of just giving it lots of eyes (like a spider), but it just didn’t look right. I think allowing the head to spin on a disk is a good idea - would probally suit the overall design.

I don’t see a problem with the arms where they are (just part of the original idea) besides, robots don’t have/need a rib cage. That goes with how top heavy it is, where they are means a lower centre of gravity.

It does indeed look to be top heavy. The problem was, making it less top heavy meant exposing more of the hip - but i think i’ll redo that in such a way that it is not exposed (as much at least).

I’ll try to get that done in the next day or so.

A note on the feet, i think them to be reasonably stable (tripods generally tending to be so), am i alone in thinking that (i admit they may need to be more angled/longer)?