Robot Velociraptor + particle fire for Cycles WIP

The robot Velociraptor and the fire is for a movie I am currently working on.
Any critiques will be great.

This is so cool! I love it. Overall the proportions look nice.

I think the tail should be thicker to look more like it is balancing the raptor. The main body looks like it deformed a little during the jump, even though it is mostly one solid piece of metal, I would suggest separating it into more pieces. Same with the feet and claws, more defined segments would help.

Thank you for your very encouraging comment. I have tried giving the dinosaur more segments and making the tail thicker.
I am still learning to rig charactors well, so there will be imperfections. :wink:

I think those changes really improved it. Good job! So what is sticking out of the back, some sort of sensor array?