Robot VX-7

High-res !
The rendering was 125 samples .
I sculpted each parts , I made the topologies,
and the texturing was created with Photoshop and Crazybumps .
I hope you like it! My work is finished !

Upload to so we can sees the bull image. Why so big? If I were you I’d just settle for about 1/3 of that size and bump up the samples to 300 or so. No one is going to have much need for such a large image unless you are planning to make this into a poster.

Cool model! Only two remarks: His stance should be wider (he looks slightly off balance) and textures on the guns look as they are with much different resolution

I will add more green on it ,it will look a bit better ! It’s true the weapons seems too much in better resolution than him … However I added only red selective correction that why the weapon seems more bright and I understand why they are more in front of image . I will add a depth values to put more the focal point on him .

Deviantart :

Good job. Deviantart is the best image site I have found. I think you should set the focal point to the robot’s face instead of his gun. But that’s a matter of taste. Depends what you wish to convey to the viewer; what’s your focus.

The robot is very well done, but I wanted to bring more attention to the color of fire arms that captivated me more than the robot itself to sense of colors! I’ll make a rendering with a different aspect of the focal length and the colors soon!

nice!..very original design