Robot Waiter

Hi, everyone.
Here’s my robot waiter inspired by the 1981 Soviet traditionally animated feature film “The Mystery of the Third Planet”. Rendered in Cycles at 1000 samples. I could not solve the problem of sharp shadows on the Moon surface, so they are a bit “earthly”.


Here’s another version with defocus and some minor changes to materials.

With some additional improvmet i would love this image or animation.
For example the stand of the chair too small,backgrund image too lowres.

If u used a lamp, u can lower the size value in the lamp settings,for sharper shadows.

Thanks for the advice, it helped - the shadows now are harsher, bud I had to add two render layers with “inner” and “outer” lights, because inside there is atmosphere and light needs to be softer, whereas outside it’s only void. Now a problem arised that I cannot find the possibility to make different ambient occlusion settings for different render layers. Also, because of point light, cycles generate more noisy image and number of samples needs to be increased. Nevertheless, the result seems to be better, but will require more time to be rendered.

Here’s a quick render at 1200 samples, more noisy than previous one.

The lamp duplicated somehow - that was the reason why there was noise in previous render.

I agree that the stand of the chair is small, but it was so in original animation. Maybe because it’s fixed (screwed to floor) or uses some futuristic methods of being attached to the floor and moved at will. Maybe 6 times less gravity on the Moon is enough for such a construction to hold firmly (according to authors).

I like this as well… the stars need a “deeper” black. My guess is that its a solid image. Try using an RGB curve and play with it to get the white value of the stars and the deep black of space. Keep at it!! could be great.

Thank you. I’ll think what I have to do with it. Maybe I need to get rid of some (or most) stars, because the sky is already black. The glass of the restaurant adds white glow to it.