Robot wip

I recently started a robot, as the main character of a game of mine.
this is how it is supposed to look:

and this is how it looks as of yet:

c&c are welcome, tips about how to get rid of the ‘standard blender’ look, and make it look a bit more professional would be great :wink:

my last question: is it possible to move the tracks by scrolling the texture? I already tried but in my case the texture got wrapped <as can be seen here>


…mhhh - get rid of the ‘standard blender’ look? I think it should be called the ‘standard 3D application noob no idea of decent lighting look’ :wink: (no offence).

You should work on lighting and materials to improve the look of the rendering. There are many good tutorials/books about lighting out there (cool link posted by Fligh % in another WIP:

I think the track texture trick will work if you UV map the texture onto the track.

thanks for the lighting tutorial :D!
yes I know I really suck at lighting and materials, but heck, I can learn that now :D!

the texture is procedural (I believe that’s how it is called :S), so will it work anyway? or would I do better to make myself a fancy track-texture?

This is a test with an animated texture UV mapped onto a (very) simple track mesh: