Robot WIP

This is my thread of this sort of like “scout” robot.

Ive heard of contest as soon as they posted on fb, but I spend this time finding my design for robot.
So, I decided to build something and try my best at this.
Im really eager to hear about thoughts from others about design.
It can walk and at the same time jump onto(or should I say lay down) onto wheels and get speed.
Later on if i find way I might add jets so it could… even fly. :slight_smile:
It might be wrong, funny or something but i didnt wanted make another usual mech alike robot… sorry thats me.

Heres preview so far,

and progress.

Thanks to “meta_massive_materials_lib15” Ive added some awesome materials to my creation.
Next day environment. Later on texturing and then refining and composition.

When I saw the first pic, I wasnt sure about the design. But now it has materials, I think it is a pretty cool design. Like a cross between Luxo Jr and Budgie the little helicopter, cute. But it looks functional as well, like, believable I guess is the right word.

Lol got me thinking about what it could be…
But no I havent been thinking about anything or any animal while Ive modeled this stuff.
To me its more like cross between these two:ElectricChick. LOL

day 3…
Haven’t done much of a work just hint of the environment.
it will be surface of some spaceship. Just couple of arrays that will be later applied and then fixed.

I finished most of the work…
I just need to tweak this thing little bit in compositor.
Note that i changed ice mat from metas blend because it gave so much white noise.
At the end its just basic glass mat.
Thanks to xe0s frm dA for his Space Scenery tex.
This tex i might change before one last final render.

Take a look at the progress…

Check my effort and final image of Rihick AF4D.

just uploaded it to blendswap… go check it out…
Rihick AF4D