Robot WIP

this is my first robot that I make in blender, after tons of concepts on paper i’ve started modeling it but now I’m a bit confused:no:… don’t now how to insert and pose the pilot, hope someone could give some tips or advice:)


Nice modelling so far and a good start. It looks a bit unbalanced. I’m maybe wrong, but I doubt that it will stand as it is now. Is there more geometry to come?

As for the pilot’s place: I could imagine him in the middle of the structure.

Keep up the good work.

Your mechanical details look great, Baroni! I’ve always had trouble visualizing things like that. Regarding rigging and posing a pilot, I recommend looking into Rigify. It’s an add-on that comes with Blender (just enable it in your preferences if you don’t see it). I have next to no experience with rigging, but I know Rigify is an easy and quick way to rig a character. A quick YouTube search should give you some simple tutorials to get started with it.

If you use Makehuman to create your pilot, I believe you can even export a pre-made rig straight into Blender, as well. Hope this helps.