Robot WIP

Hello guys,

here’s a robot by me. I doodled around with vertices after I did a fast sketch in a couple of minutes. This developed into a small project I’m now working on. Materials (apart from the lenses and the red switch I think) are provisory. Should get rendered in Cycles. Current pictures are only (cropped) previews with 10 samples

C&C are welcome!

(1st picture: rendered in cyles, 1500 samples, 2nd picture: preview, 10 samples, 3rd picture: preview, 10 samples)

Subsurf modifier is your friend ! (: so is bevel

Brighter environment lighting please! Or maybe some area, point, or sun lamps. That’ll let us see the true modelling and materials a bit better. Btw, is the lens material just a simple glass BSDF?

@Benjamin Dod: It’s a mix of a glass and glossy shader with emission and with an environment map. And yes, I’ll improve the lighting soon…

@Nenaca: That subsurf and bevel worked well in this case was one factor which let the me stay motivated in difference to other projects I’ve started (and cancelled). But this scene is only a preview with subsurf disabled. Bevel is enabled and objects are set to smooth shading.

Turned on AO (preview, 100 samples):

Added a crosshair (made with GIMP) to the lenses (render with cycles, 100 samples):

Added a data bus, added some structures on the antenna (preview, 10 samples):

Added a handle, deformed the bis cables a little bit (1st picture: rendered with cycles, 100 samples, 2nd picture: preview, 10 samples):

I have a little problem: I did some structures on the robots head. With the subsurf modifier these structures get roundish though bevel is enabled.

How it looks in object mode:

How it looks in edit mode:

If you add edge crease, it should sharpen the subsurf so its not rounded, then the bevel will kick in and soften those edges. Or you can just put bevel above subsurf.

@Nenaca: It didn’t work: Bevel is already above subsurf and I also tried edge crease without succes.
Thank you anyway!

Try this tutorial, because chances are, you’re doing edge creases wrong.

@sheepHD: Wow, cool tutorial…Thanks a bunch!

It looks more like some type of remote camera than a Robot to me:confused:. You should add some kind of walking mechanism to give it a personality. You can add one or two hand like mechanism too…

@artVikas: Good point. Strangely I did something similiar a moment ago without reading your post.:rolleyes:Although I’ll maybe add arms later on. Thank you!

Added an airscrew and removed the structures on the “head” preliminary (1st picture: rendered with cycles, 100 samples, 2nd picture: preview, 10 samples):

looking nice, I think increasing the radius of fan will be reasonable for balancing the Robo when flying or may be add four little fans inside lower yellow strip…:eyebrowlift:

Added 3 nozzles for stabilization (1st picture: rendered with cycles, 100 samples, 2nd picture: preview, 10 samples):

Added fans to the nozzles (rendered with cycles, 100 samples):

I absolutely love the fans… Change the color of it all though, fix the BG, and this will look awesome! :smiley: