Robot workshop

this is my finished scene I’ve worked on the last couple days.
I hope you can give me some advices.



Very nice scene :o as a smoker the first question that popped in my head was how do you keep your ashtray so clean. It seems to be made out of wood so even burn marks would be relevant then. Also the worktable looks far too clean in contrast to the window which has a nice smear of dust on it

Here are my two cents. A) the image is a little too dark. B) the face of the robot reminds me of something like the Jetson’s but the outside is a grassy field? The shop is like its out in someones barn. just seems out of place. finally I don’t normally think of hammers when I think of building a robot. I think of soldering irons and wrenches and definitely a pair of needle nosed pliers. Nice picture just seems thematically crisscrossed.