(Darkelfv) #1

Doing some test with some cool textures, what you guys think

Sorry its geocities anybody know a better free host?

(paradox) #2

Nice robot and nice textures, now tell them how long it took you to build the robot. :slight_smile:


(SGT Squeaks) #3

nice job!!! So how long did it take? and by chance are you guys related?

(Darkelfv) #4

err around 45 mins , just over 1000 polys, yeah me and my dad (paradox) live in utah

(SGT Squeaks) #5

ME TOO!!! Its always great to see other Utahn’s.

(sten) #6

Hey Sonny !! :smiley:

nice robot and long time no seen…nice to see you again…

How is all going for you ?

(Darkelfv) #7

cool, us utards must stick together. jk
hey ztonezy being board. Lost both my hardrives and starting all over in the 3d

(sten) #8

uuhhh uuhh uhhhh :o

not very fun, I hope all stuff works out for you !!

nice to see you, say hi to Jim from me !!

(Goofster) #9

damnit, I wish my dad could use a PC, then he could reply to my artwork :slight_smile:

I actually wondered where you guys were, Last time I saw you was on cgchat or cgtalk. I’m glad to see you little rascals are still here!


(stukkm) #10

that robot is awesome! dude… it scares me :o
make sure you only use that for good and never for evil