Here is a robot.
what do u think

looks not bad to me , one thing i think that could be improved is that it cant hang its arms straight down , maybe it would be nicer looking if the the shoulders where wider or the waist narrower , also how does it see where its going.

From my point of view it seems like a midget maybe that’s caused by his arms being tucked in like he has got a bad armpit odor :wink: that’s if you are going for a humanoid like look

I gave it a sight lol :slight_smile:
heat seaking vision.
also made it a bit wider.

The texture on the head and shoulders is a bit stretched. And I think the shoulders are a bit sharp

Great work :smiley:

added a primary weapon(not finished jet)

added a secondary weapon
simple pulse cannon

Hey thats cool! I think he should have some energy blades on his wrist, maybe with one activated?? I think that would be neat