hi this is a robot i am working on i have got the legs done so far. please comment


can anyone give me a idea of what the body should look like cause i dont have a clue

I kind of imagine a rounded kind of ball shaped top, something that is only a quarter as tall as the legs, with all sorts of sensorr and optical eyes on it. But that is just me, this is your baby. Model what you like, and post it, If people don’t like it, trust me, they will comment, lol.

cool, im doing a robot too, but yours looks better already. The main body could all depend on what the robot’s purpose is; is it like a fighter or a worker of sorts? A fighting robot is obvious, just put really good looking weapos on it. A worker could have extra arms with claws and some sort of tools to do different tasks.

Looks good, though would probably be a bit unstable in reality.

You could just have the body as a big cockpit, or, you could not, your choice really.