All I have so far is the leg. Well, Really the lower leg. It will have an upper leg section too before it reaches the main body.

It’s going to be a four legged walking vehicle. In a square like pattern.

Any comments or critiques before I get much further?

Thanks to those who do post.

looks like a good start, keep it up.

As a model, it looks great. Are you going to animate it though? Cause as I look at the mechanics of it, it doesn’t seem those feet are going to be able to move up and down.

The mechanics are still a work in progress. These renders here show the current limits of the feet. I have an idea for a way to rework the hydraulics, but it would be hard to put into words. I’ll repost the update, when I get it finished.:cool:

So besides a few more modeling tweaks, the legs are finished. I think they have pretty good range of motion. I also remodeled the feet hydraulics. they have a much greater range of movement now.

Nice. I’m kinda interested on how all this will turn out

I modeled out the base mesh for the body of the robot. I think once I attach a bunch of gismos and lights to it, it will look nice. I did a little work to the legs to give them more flexability too.

All in all I’m pleased.

These next two show the side to side rotational ability of the legs. Each one can turn a full 90 degrees.

Looks really cool! I like how hard and mechanical it looks, I have a hard time doing anything but organic modeling in Blender.

I’m the otherway around. I can model organic stuff, but I feel more confident doing logical mechanical type stuff

Careful with the body - it looks like your rushing it as you detailed the legs.

Careful with the body - it looks like your rushing it as you detailed the legs.

You are right. The more I look at the body, the more I hate what I have done. I wanted to see the legs supporting something so bad that I rushed together something and pasted it on of the legs. I have since deleted the body and am going to try and model something that matches my original idea more closely.

And detail the legs a little more;)

Been working on the feet to give them more rotational movement.

nice to see your rigging it!

Yeah, my goal is to try and composite this thing into a few test shots and see how it goes. It took me a bit to figure out how to rig the hydraulics. There are a lot of examples if you google search it, but all of them are a lot more complex then what I finally decided to do. I have it set up now so that the hydraulics work independently. All I have to do is rig a simple armature for each leg and I’m ready to learn to walk.

This is what I have so far:

Here’s a test animation showing the full range of motion for the legs:

Nice and smooth. No collisions that I could see. For animation purposes I would suggest following the animation of a step just to test out to see how it functions in that way to see if any problems would come up.

Wow, great detail! Looks like a good start.

wow…it’s great


i like it

More details to still work out. I’ll have a walk test render soon.