Here’s a robot I’ve been working on for a couple days

I’m going to change the hands and take a better render.

I’m also hoping to rig it but I don’t know about that yet.

Tell me what you think.

Hey I liked it dude =]
Very creative, congratz!!
Keep it on!

He reminds me of general grievous form starwars…there are some similarities…


Yea he does. I didn’t even think of that. With the tall and slim style figure.


Thx. I been working on a gun for him and as soon as the render is finished I’ll post it.

I also gave him an extremely simple rig, All done with parents. I’ll put in some simple rigging objects. After all of that I might make a background and give it a few renders with different poses.

Thx. I been working on a gun for him and as soon as the render is finished I’ll post it.
How about 4 light sabers?:D:p

I also gave him an extremely simple rig, All done with parents.

What do you mean with parents?


I mean one object is parented by another which makes the first object follow the other objects center. Like a leg bone following a kneecap.

Here are a couple pictures of the gun

The plain links are direct links if you don’t feel like loading the whole image shack thing since its slow.(At least with my internet)

Hey, cool gun, are you adding some sort of liquid in the currently white tubes?

Ah so you just have simple chains. If you want I can give you a bit more complex rig with IK’s. (I will need the file though)

Yes, that would be great. Do you want me to pm you a link to the file?

edit: I thought about a liquid looking substance in the tubes but the noticed I have no idea how to do that.

The file is about 4.1 mb because of all of the subsurfing and curves I used for most of the tubing

I thought about a liquid looking substance in the tubes but the noticed I have no idea how to do that.
I messed around in the compositor for like 2 hrs, and came up with these, what do ya think?
I tried to go for the bioifle (Unreal Tournament) feel…

So I rendered in 2 colors, green and blue, but colors are easily switchable!
I dont know what your settings are on the class tube, so it might look better with them. Or worse…lol


nice :slight_smile:
one comment on the robot… the shoulders look like they would snap off : theres hardly anything holding it together :slight_smile:


yea those look great. Ill try something like that. Did you use a texture or just a texture type from blender. I just have the tubes as a bland white right now with no transparency or anything on it.


Thanks for the crit. I meant for it to have a cheap and weak starwars robot look( I cant think of those cheap robots names). I’ll look into it though.

I used 2 textures, Clouds, and Marble.
But I have lots more settings, and most of the work is done in the compositor
Here is a link to an introduction to the compositor tutorial for those of you who dont know what it is, such as asian.monkey here :slight_smile: ( very useful tool!
And if that is not enough check out my tut on composting that i made a few days ago :wink: (


Thx for that link. I’ll check it out once my girlfriend is done watching a movie.

ye i can see that :slight_smile: it looks very weak because of the shoulders and also the spine… once again nice work… keep it up…

i dont know if you have decided to rig it or not but i think you should :slight_smile:

Well he did “rig” it, and by quotation marks i mean he parented every object to the chest plate and said he made “An extremely simple rig, All done with parents” …
So I volunteered to make him a rig…

So here is the liquid render i made earlier applied to the gun!
And I also added HDRI …
How do them apples look? :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow that’s amazing, it looks much better thanks, and it wasn’t all parented to the chestplate just all of the chest area and other parts that would move as if connected to the chest. The legs and arm are moveable.

Here’s an unrendered quickshot of a pose. I’ll render it sometime.
By d8mien at 2010-07-16

Hey so i rigged the robot for you(I pm-ed link), but you are going to have to weight paint yourself (I just modified my ironman rig) (.blend somewhere on that page if anyone is interested but i dont believe it is the most recent version…

Also tone it down on the subsurf mate!!! You got as high as 4 on both render and display! You only need to use 1 for display and the most 2 for render!!!
The gun i rendered was with lvl 2 subsurf btw.

Before I give the settings for the liquid I want you to have a go at it first. :wink:

Oh and give his eyes a glow too. My tut should help you with that (

ah ok… looks like i need to read more before posting :stuck_out_tongue:

i think that with robots its not to bad to parent to bone… it gives stiffer movements… i havent done to many robots though… i dont really know :stuck_out_tongue:

Dang it, i forgot about bone parenting!
Yes natholas!!! That was ingenious!!
That is exactly what he needs to do, especially since his model consists of many different parts and all those parts are actually a different object.

I have spent a bit more time tweaking the liquid substance. I found a few problems came up, so i had to fix my composite setup…
So here are 2 1080p HD renders I made; green and blue guns shooting!
I hope you guys like them!