this is my last project, I hope you like


Julio, is this for the yafaray contest?

Very nice, but I think that render needs a more dramatic lighting. It’s kind of dull now…

clecle this is a personal project for a small contest of Brazil

Elek thanks for comment, will be updating the project with a better scenario

You mean the contest which is in particular and only about Insectoids? :smiley:
Might be a bit of a fail then…

No, I was refering to a contest on the brazilian community

amazing julio

thanks razorskate

Cool work, I just love the textures and the overall look of your machine.
Just one thing, your threads don’t look like they can move at all (a tad too big to move, huh ?) …

Good idea, but definitely not finished one.
I am jst a fan of detail, and done a few robots myself.
The robot is unusable in many places. Where are the bulets come from…those small pipes?
Please create a scene for it…dont “murder” this creation with grey background.

Take care

CG-Predator thanks for comment, will be making a new update with possible scenario predicts

a pretty neat machine. I want to see it move and shoot! That’s just the little boy in me. I agree with the lighting comment made. The model and texture seem pretty solid. Good work.