Robotech on CartoonNetwork

Robotech is airing on Toonami on Cartoon Network. We’ll see how messed up it is.

this is like the tenth time they rerun it, I haven’t seen any change. DBZ on the other hand was heavily censored(I assume this is what you’re talking about VK)…btw I’ve seen both series in Spanish, much better!

THe Spanish dubbing of DBZ is almost uncensored (Now here in Mexico is airing the fight with Majin Boo). I’ve heard that Card Captor Sakura was altered too in English version to change the plot (like all 3 series that compose Robotech).

Hmm, I’ve never seen them rerun it.
What sagas are they airing?
I have the Macross Saga on DVD and it rocks, but the other sagas are… :expressionless:

A friend told me the series has ended in Peru, including DBGT(the whole db series were over a long time ago in Japan).
VK: you mean they’re airing Macross or Robotech, theres a difference: the first part is “macross 1”, the other two are “look alike” series added for american tv.

ps: did you know that Macross is “based” on Gundam.

Yes I did, and I think I prefer Macross, and that’s saying alot considering that I love Gundams. All I know is that they’re airing Robotech. I liked the Macross part. The other “look alike” sagas are LAME.

If you ask me Robotech was one of the best shows in the 80s, still is!

Yes, Robotech was good, mainly because of the first ‘Robotech War’ (THe Macross 1 saga). I know a person(a friend’s mother) that went to the extreme of stopping watching her soap operas to watch Robotech, because of the love story and the suspense of seeing if Rick ended with Lisa or with Minmei. But recently on a computer shop, I watched on the screen of one of the computers part of a DVD of the original Macross (may be ‘do you remember love’ or something alike), and the animation was much better than Robotech’s. I think the plot of the second and third parts of Robotech isn’t as deep of the first’s.